Amazon drive ups ante with unlimited storage offer


Amazon’s new cloud storage plan offers unlimited space for your files with flat annual fee. The unlimited storage plan for Amazon drive will set you back £55 per annum, which will be around £4.58 per month and you can store any amount of photos, videos, documents and other files without any restriction.

You can backup entire PC to the cloud with this plan. Amazon ensures to keep the likes of photos and videos at their full resolution. Amazon also allows you to try the service out before you commit. Amazon has implemented three month free trial.

And what is interesting is that you don’t have to be a prime member to benefit from this unlimited storage plan. But those who subscribed to prime already get unlimited storage of their photos, and they can expand that to all files by signing up for this new service.

David Nenke, Director of Amazon Drive, said “with our new unlimited storage plan customers now have an affordable secure solution to store unlimited amount of photos, videos, movies, music and other files in one place-with no tiered storage options or rising fees to worry about.