Blackberry to launch two Android phones


Blackberry decided to launch two mid range android devices. The first android smart phone is named as the priv. Priv runs on android 6.0 marshmallow. It was aimed at the high end market where the likes of apple and Samsung play. But blackberry chief executive John Chen said that it was too expensive. In recent times, blackberry has struggled to make its hardware business profitable.
Among two android phones, one will have a physical keyboard, and other will have full touch screen. The price of these android phones will be in the range between Rs20, 000 to Rs26, 000.
By switching to android, blackberry should be able to make enough profit at much lower shipment volumes in the device business. But it also faces problems such as how to make OS secure since it’s not entirely in blackberry’s control because its owned by Google, Fogg added. Analyst said that this is the last chance for blackberry to get right in hardware.