Break iPhone password easily; and solution

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The new IOS 9 operating system has been arrived last week with newest features in all Apple devices. Apple asserted that, more than 50% Apple gadgets has updated the latest operating system. But latest report from some Security institutions is that the latest OS makes a big challenge for Apple.

The recently released hacking video in a YouTube channel called “videosdebarraquito” shows that the new OS has security issues to easily overtake iPhone password and Pin. So the content in video says that it can be easily hack one’s phone images to personal information.


The hacking is done with the help of Siri the Apple Virtual Assistant. But the “videosdebarraquito” says that the video is published to inform Apple about this type of security issues.

But you can easily overtake the issues by doing a small changes in settings. In settings, select “Touch ID & Pass code”, and >Allow access when locked > Disable the voice assistant.