Incredible Dubai: Alladin City the next project in Dubai 2016

2515673749In the latest of ambitious building projects, officials in Dubai have confirmed work will start on designing “Alladin City”. Dubai has given the green light to yet another outrageous building project-a 4000 acres complex of towers inspired by characters from Arabian nights, including Alladin  and Sinbad the sailor.

Comprising 6 towers, all connected by moving walkways,  the development is inspired by the tales of Alladin from the middle eastern folk tale. The towers are said to be similar in design to the enie lamp, and are set to shimmer golden in the sunlight. The highest of the tower  will measure 34 storeys ; the development will spread some 1,500 feet along Dubai creek ,encompassing 4,000 acres in total.


The area is popular spot or old wooden fishing boats , and maintains an air of tradition about it ,the new plans will fall outside the are set to be named a UNESCO world heritage site.