Smart phone connected contact lenses-Eye phone


Engineers at the university of Washington have developed an innovative method of communication that would allow medical aid such as contact lenses and brain implants to send signals to smart phones. The new tech called inter scatter communication that works by converting Bluetooth signals into Wi-Fi signals on your own. our technology creates Wi-Fi using Bluetooth transmissions from nearby mobile device such as smart watches.

Inter scatter communication tech is based on an existing method of communication called back scatter, that lets device exchange information by reflecting back the existing signals. Inter scatter works in the same way, but the difference is that it allows inter technology communication. It simply means it allows Bluetooth signals and Wi-Fi signals to talk to each other.

Inter scatter communication allow devices such as contact lenses to send info to other devices. To demonstrate inter scatter communication, the engineers designed a contact lens equipped with a tiny antenna. It is possible to monitor blood sugar level from a person’s tears. Connected contact lens could track blood sugar level and send notifications to phone. Smart phone connected contact lenses give new meaning to Eye phone.